A-Sides – Murder (Time To Get Busy Mix) (Strictly Underground 1994)


Let’s Roll-esque drums and a distinctive bassline lead into a breakdown that sounds to me like a sunrise. This turns a little darker then back to the filth. They don’t make ’em like this any more. I think I remember a Randall mix where he goes into Dead Dred after this, it’s burnt deep into my cerebellum. Probably an AWOL one.



Princess Of The Posse – Armed & Dangerous (1993)


Fantastic piece of proto jungle with some hardcore noises thrown in to boot from the bizarrely monikered Princess of the Posse (3 blokes, one of who was Bug Kann). There is something undeniably joyous about this tune, the bassline is so infectious it’s ridiculous. I wore out a Kenny Ken tape in my car I rewound this tune so much. You also don’t hear male vocals that often in this genre but the chap humming along is perfect. I’d like to know if it’s a sample or not.


DJ Ron – Cannan Land (1994)


Fairly sure this is supposed to be ‘Caanan Land’ but who knows, I think I read somewhere Ron was slightly religious. Every noise in this tune is jungle through and through, the beats feel slightly stuttery but this seems to be the build up for the tune to break free at 2.20 and soar. Love it, very special indeed.


Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air (Liftin’ Spirits 1994)


Rinsed to death but my love for this tune is still there. The mournful emptiness at 3:48 then a slightly more upbeat cheeky bassline at 4:10 followed by some almost happy drums just after make me smile every time. The remix on Moving Shadow was good too but this is the version that gets me every time, somehow it just has more soul.