Princess Of The Posse – Armed & Dangerous (1993)


Fantastic piece of proto jungle with some hardcore noises thrown in to boot from the bizarrely monikered Princess of the Posse (3 blokes, one of who was Bug Kann). There is something undeniably joyous about this tune, the bassline is so infectious it’s ridiculous. I wore out a Kenny Ken tape in my car I rewound this tune so much. You also don’t hear male vocals that often in this genre but the chap humming along is perfect. I’d like to know if it’s a sample or not.

Nookie – Give A Little Love (1992)


Not sure why why Discogs has this down as 94. Maybe a re-release. Anyway you tread a fine line with the old hardcore pianos, they can with ease be cheese. No fear of that with Nookie at the controls, this has to be in the top 5 hardcore tunes ever and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Frequency – Kiss The Sky (1991)


Top Buzz @ Fantazia NYE ‘91 was undoubtedly one of the greatest rave tapes ever. This was the last track and is forever emblazoned in my mind due to Mad P shouting ‘Who’s that wanker with the Arsenal t-shirt on? You muppet! Sort your life out!’ over the top of it. Class.

Don’t be surprised if a large percentage of the tunes Top Buzz played that night appear here. The tape is that good. A google search should turf it up if you’ve never had the pleasure.

Jack Smooth & Alex Reece – 20 Hurts Side B (1993)


Interesting that the name of this track isn’t actually known due to a label misprint. The 12” only has 3 tracks instead of the 4 listed which are from a Hedgehog Affair release. Anyway this is the B side and although it’s jungle tempo it sounds more like a techno track. I thought I heard it on an old Mrs Woods Obsession tape but on further reflection it was probably Easygroove. Totally stands out from everything else, can’t believe this was Alex Reece!

Tic Tac Toe – Ephemerol (1992)


Absolute monster of a tune written by two guys, one of whom is half of Basement Jaxx.

When I first started getting tapes off people I thought I’d buy some of my own and the first one was something called ‘Bassrush’ or similar. I was attracted by the psychedelic cover. Anyway, it was predictably underwhelming except for this tune which I listened to again and again. Despite humming / singing it to various people (never works) I didn’t knew what it was until I heard it on an internet radio show and emailed in to ask. Internet I love you.