Tranqill – Payroll (Paul White’s Clean Dub) (2008)


Proof again Vangelis was way ahead of his time. He gets sampled here by Paul White to completely transform Tranqill’s Payroll. White also removed the lyrics so it’s about as far removed from the original as you can get. See below.

Vangelis – Spiral >

Tranqill – Payroll >

Matthew Herbert – Palm Springs (2010)


Palm Springs is almost a nursery rhyme in some ways but something in it appeals to me. I really like Matthew Herbert, a very diverse artist. This sounds nothing like the sonic barrage he threw at me from the stage at Sonar one year, first from up a ladder, then from a tent he’d set up on the stage. I’m not joking, look it up. Google ‘matthew herbert tent ladder’. I dare you.

2 Player vs The Herbaliser – Sometimes (1997)


Heard this as part of an incredible Coldcut mix then was lucky enough to find it in a second hand shop or bargain bin if I remember rightly. The Coldcut mix was called Cold Krush Cuts and had DJ Krush mixing the second CD. If you’ve never heard it you owe it to yourself to get on that right now.

Fila Brazillia – Throwing Down A Shape (1998)


I remember watching the video for this on one of those late night one:dot:zero style programs on channel 4. Cutting edge at the time I suppose but I loved the tune and got the guy at the record shop to get me a copy. Definitely suited to certain swimmy states of mind, the little downward chord change (or whatever you call it) that first appears at 1:58 takes my mind right down with it.

Forces Of Nature & Longers – Nature’s Way (1998)


I’ve said it before and here we go again. It’s a crying shame Forces of Nature didn’t get more exposure and fame around this time. They wrote some amazing music some of which is appearing even now on a label called Intelligent Audio.

Forss – City Ports (2003)


This is the first track from the Soulhack album and as an intro it’s perfect. I’d never heard of Forss and didn’t have any expectations so the whole album was a delicious surprise and highly recommended. It skips about with styles as you can tell from the Discogs page where they don’t seem to know quite what to call it. I mean what the blazes is ‘Future Jazz’?