Kev Bird ‎- This Is A Trip (Basement Records 1992)


I just love the Basement sound from this time. This is one of the tracks that started to nail it and I actually thought it was from later on. If you listen to the other tracks from this 12” they sound far more like they fit 1992 but this one is beamed straight from Doc Brown’s Delorean car stereo. He’d popped into the near future and copied it off a mate with an Edge six tape pack.

Basement took the rave sound that was starting to get a bit too happy in and helped to give it a beautiful jungle techno edge. Everybody owes them big time for that.

Electronic Experienced – I.Q. (1994)


After yesterday’s Anthill Mob post I went off on one and regressed mightily back to the period when Sy and Ratty tapes were all that was on my car tape deck. This utter classic from Alex Reece and Jack Smooth stimulates all those chemical fragments I’ll never be able to flush completely out of my reptilian hindbrain.