Lemon D – Break It Up (1996)


If you listened to this and didn’t know who it was Lemon D might not spring straight to mind but Kevin King it was. Annoyingly printed on a picture disc (I like to see when the darker quiet areas are going to hit) it is nevertheless a stonking piece of techstep, there’s not much that sounds quite like it. Squelchy, lovely and dark.


Peshay – On the Nile (Metalheadz 1996)


Oh my word what a tune. Another one where if it was realeased today would still be fresh as a daisy. Chunky beats over a jazzy bass and at 3:43 the tune changes with a Debussy flute sample to make the stoniest of hearts smile wistfully. Masterful.

If you like this check out his ‘Jazz Lick’ on Bukem’s Nexus Records for more of the same.


DJ Trace ‎– Miles High (1996)


I really rate the way Dj Trace skipped across styles. One minute an evil tune from hell, the next a sweet ‘intelligent’ roller like this one. One of my most played pieces of vinyl, so mixable, goes with literally anything. The B-side had the same qualities with a slighly darker edge.

Interesting that discogs has the full release as 1996, I’m almost certain I had it earlier than that.


The Funky Technicians‎ – Airtight (Remix) (1996)


One of the finest ‘intelligent’ drum and bass tunes. A subtle remix and improvement of a tune that was great anyway. Hammered by Bukem so much everyone thought it was a GoodLooking tune until it appeared on the aptly named Legend Records. It was one of the last releases before it folded and Q Project & Spinback started up CIA.


Intense – Positive Notions (1996)



Good Looking records and Bukem were on absolute fire at this point. Groove Therapy came out at about the same time. This tune is an absolute blinder. Bongos, a sax and a big bassline. It almost sounds happy but has a darker core running through it that really kicks in at 2:44.

When my significant other asks me about the kind of music I like I always end up saying something like the notes tend to go down and I think that’s true here. They might go up through the bar but they always end up lower than they started. Most music I dislike goes the other way, I’m looking at you commerical hip hop, crappy house, europop etc. That’s when happy hardcore split off. When all the notes ended up higher than they started at the beginning off the bar.