Tranqill – Payroll (Paul White’s Clean Dub) (2008)


Proof again Vangelis was way ahead of his time. He gets sampled here by Paul White to completely transform Tranqill’s Payroll. White also removed the lyrics so it’s about as far removed from the original as you can get. See below.

Vangelis – Spiral >

Tranqill – Payroll >

E. Rodney Jones And Friends – Soul Heaven (Instrumental) (1971)


I heard this in a pub the other day and thought it was Cypress Hill’s Black Sunday and was very pleasantly surprised to hear it carry on. I hastened to the bar and quickly as multiple drinks would allow and slurred a demand for an ID. They only knew the album being played but that was enough for me to track it down later on when I confusingly found it scrawled on my hand.