Princess Of The Posse – Armed & Dangerous (1993)


Fantastic piece of proto jungle with some hardcore noises thrown in to boot from the bizarrely monikered Princess of the Posse (3 blokes, one of who was Bug Kann). There is something undeniably joyous about this tune, the bassline is so infectious it’s ridiculous. I wore out a Kenny Ken tape in my car I rewound this tune so much. You also don’t hear male vocals that often in this genre but the chap humming along is perfect. I’d like to know if it’s a sample or not.

The Anthill Mob – Black Rushin’ (1993)


I’m not sure what it was about the darkside hardcore / jungle techno that I loved so much. This tune epitomises whatever that secret sauce was.

Interesting fact – one half of the Anthill Mob was responsible for the Roobarb & Custard tune that did the rounds when rave went all daft and charty for a bit in 1991.