Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air (Liftin’ Spirits 1994)


Rinsed to death but my love for this tune is still there. The mournful emptiness at 3:48 then a slightly more upbeat cheeky bassline at 4:10 followed by some almost happy drums just after make me smile every time. The remix on Moving Shadow was good too but this is the version that gets me every time, somehow it just has more soul.


2 thoughts on “Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air (Liftin’ Spirits 1994)

  1. This tune right here, has always been a firm favourite of mine on a top top jungle label. Been meaning to do an all Liftin’ Spirit mix for Dev/Null’s blog (a little in-joke as he’s indifferent to most of the label’s output haha) & I recently managed to get this tune in CD quality so hopefully the idea becomes reality!

  2. Faint Static

    Hey Tim, nice to see you 🙂

    I’d like to hear that mix, in my head it would start with ‘Awareness’. I used to rinse that and ‘Alive n Kickin’ but who didn’t? Some of the Concept 2 bits were great too. Keep me informed if becomes a reality.

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