System Ex – Version (3rd Eye Records 1994)


Photek at his finest. From the 4 track Mind Games 12″, all of which share samples and the same vibe. Hard to pick a favourite, apparently the printing was a bit messed up so there’s a lot of confusion over which track is which.

I just bought this from discogs. £9! Bargain and early Christmas present for me. Expected it to be a lot more than that.



Nicolas Jaar John Lennon Tribute Mix


‘Yesterday marked the 33rd anniversary of John Lennon’s murder at the hands of Mark Chapman. Jaar has noted the occasion with a new mix in Lennon’s honour, titled ‘Our World’.

Jaar’s mix certainly isn’t a conventional tribute session – instead, he uses processed fragments of classic Lennon material (‘Imagine’ included), news reports, and assorted Jaar productions to build a trippy, oneiric hour.’

Peshay – On the Nile (Metalheadz 1996)


Oh my word what a tune. Another one where if it was realeased today would still be fresh as a daisy. Chunky beats over a jazzy bass and at 3:43 the tune changes with a Debussy flute sample to make the stoniest of hearts smile wistfully. Masterful.

If you like this check out his ‘Jazz Lick’ on Bukem’s Nexus Records for more of the same.

Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air (Liftin’ Spirits 1994)


Rinsed to death but my love for this tune is still there. The mournful emptiness at 3:48 then a slightly more upbeat cheeky bassline at 4:10 followed by some almost happy drums just after make me smile every time. The remix on Moving Shadow was good too but this is the version that gets me every time, somehow it just has more soul.

Parallel World – Tear Into It (Good Looking Records 1994)


Quality amenage and a gorgeous sweeping sounds from 1:43 onwards. Tune completely changes at 4:12 and almost sounds like Bukem’s ‘Music’ track. Produced by JMJ & Richie at a time when the Good Looking releases were unmatched. Happy days.

Seba – Piemo For B (Paradox Music ‎2004)


All hail my favourite drumfunk tune and one of the most emotive breakdowns in drum and bass history. Seriously, from 3:18 is absolute bliss, with gorgeous sounds and a well chosen Mothman Prophecies quote. I find it hard to believe this is the B side of anything. ‘Steel’ with its Robert Manos ramblings is ok but this kills it. Seba’s best work.