The Invisible Man – Skyliner (Timeless Recordings 1994)


Mickey Finn @ AWOL (second set of tapes) was 60 minutes of bliss. Every tune was a banger, every mix a delight. This tune was on there and signifies the time, you could still use pianos and not be cheesy with it. Another one that defies time and takes you somewhere else. I wish I could have been there for that set.

Doggystyle: The Samples [20th Anniversary]


“November 23rd marks the 20th Anniversary of Snoop Dogg’s highly-acclaimed Doggystyle, in which his lyrical realism and distinctive vocal flow forever changed hip-hop and helped define the genre into what it is today.

In honor of this date, Snoop has created an enticing mixtape of the samples used on Doggystyle. Never done before, Snoop offers exclusive commentary about each song and the behind-the-scenes stories that went on during the making of the historic record. The mixtape offers fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience to hear first-hand, the creative process behind the record.”

E. Rodney Jones And Friends – Soul Heaven (Instrumental) (1971)


I heard this in a pub the other day and thought it was Cypress Hill’s Black Sunday and was very pleasantly surprised to hear it carry on. I hastened to the bar and quickly as multiple drinks would allow and slurred a demand for an ID. They only knew the album being played but that was enough for me to track it down later on when I confusingly found it scrawled on my hand.