Breakage – Prophecy (2005)


It was always bubbling along in the back rooms of clubs but Breakage did most to remind the world why the amen / choppage sound rocks so hard. This was pretty much the high water mark for me. Somehow he took every hazy jungle experience and distilled them all into this. Maybe it’s the almost air horn sounds or the slight echoing on the drums, it just sounds like it’s being played in a club at 4am.

Amen break we love you, long may you continue. If you like this check out Equinox’s Scientific Wax radio show on Jungle Train. Essential.

Steve C & Monita ‎– The Razors Edge (1994)


I’ve pretty much covered most of the tunes Bukem was caning in 94/95 now but this is another little beauty, very deep and dark. He used to play it much faster though, it’s a bit slow here.

I always remember it on the Dreamscape 11 tape where it jumps and Conrad says ‘For all those passing by the decks the pillars aren’t for real. Don’t push ‘em’. Somewhere there is someone who thinks ‘Shit, that was me, I was f**ked up that night, I couldn’t even stand’. I was there but it wasn’t me. Honest.—Monita-The-Razors-Edge-Full-Cry/release/201282

Northernshore – Halls of Echoing Repose (Martin Schulte Tribute)


‘Marat Shibaev was born in Kazan (Russia) in 7th April 1988. From the very beginning music took one of the most important places in his life. In year 2000 he came to know the electronic sound, which has conquered his mind. In two years, under the resonant name of Martin Schulte he started to write electronic music and get DJ skills. He was trying to experiment with sound, seeking his own direction and trying to be different from others.’

01 Space
02 September Forest
03 Cold Heart
04 Polar Night
05 Quiet Street
06 Cave
07 Killer
08 Andrea Porcu – Second Wharf (Martin Schulte Remix)
09 Nautical
10 Galaxy
11 Slums
12 Lazy Morning
13 Researches of Depth
14 When Stars Fall
15 Countryside
16 City Night
17 Gravitation
18 The Return of a Buttefly
19 Solar Eclipse
20 Observatory
21 Evening
22 Reverberation
23 Mermaid

DJ Mayhem – Inesse (Ray Keith Remix) (1994)


Seminal classic and definite contender for greatest bassline in jungle. The original was a pretty good darkside tune but Ray Keith (with Nookie on production as usual) took it, outclassed it and made something stellar. Unforgettable, mixes with anything, shivers just thinking about it.

As usual, original is posted here for comparison..

Unknown Artist – Heavyweight Vol 2 (Side A) (1994)


Caned by Bukem at that point where most of the tunes he played were by Photek so my money is on Rupert Parkes being the anonymous producer behind this. It also feels alot like ‘Drift to the Centre’. Another possibility is Dillinja who recorded Heavyweight Vol 3. Discogs seems to think it’s Ruffkut. Anyway it’s a awesome slice of amenage with a strange noise that always reminds me of a coin being tapped on a scaffolding pole. I would like to think someone out there went out on a cold winter’s day to record it because they knew they needed just that sound. Commitment indeed.

This was a fiver on Discogs the other day and I can’t believe I didn’t snap it up. I’ve been kicking myself ever since. Curses!

Update. Seems this might be Ruffkut on the buttons.