Happy Mondays – Step On (1990)


Well well well. I pop into discogs to find a date and find out that Step On is actually a cover and originally by a guy called John Kongos. My world has been rocked. Well, not really but the original is pretty f**king awesome to be fair and so I’ve posted it below. Further investigation warranted for sure, apparently the Mondays also covered his track Tokoloshe Man.

Anyway the Mondays were the soundtrack of my youth. Even when I drifted off into more electronic realms they stayed with me. I chose this one because every Friday we would stick it on the video jukebox in the busy pub in town and not leave til it came on. Sometimes that was hours.

(SUBJECTIVE OPINION ALERT) I really think they were just about the best band ever. Living proof of the Blade Runner quote ‘The candle that burns twice as brightly burns half as long’.

Happy Mondays – The Roy Batty of the music world. I salute you.

John Kongos! > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Lm0N4YCkgk


Neuromancer – Pennywise (1992)



The switch at 1:44 almost sounds someone cutting in a different tune but it’s all the better for it. A great example of how even if you don’t have the best production the tune can be immense if it has the right vibes. Some happy vibes with the all important darker undertones. Stone cold classic.


TRG – Missed Calls (2008)



You have to know what you’re doing if you are going to start incorporating telephone noises and pan pipes in your music. Cosmin TRG certainly does. Something about the music he makes just seems to be made for making me jump about. This was the one that started it all though, that synth noise is absolutely tuned to make the part of my brain I left on a dancefloor in 1995 come alive and go ‘Oi oi! Now what’s THIS?!’

After 4 minutes when he starts using the telephone at the end of the bar and the synth slides back in….. perfection. I challenge anyone to love this tune as much as I do.

What’s that? All right then, outside! Raaaaagh!


Mike Grant – The Struggle Of My People (Mr. G’s There’s Hope Mix) (2001)


Super cool slab of Detroit techno / house / tech house / whatever superbly remixed by Mr.G whose real name is Colin McBean. Great name, great track, great scott I’ve run out of blither. Here’s the original as well because it has a lovely vibe of its own.