Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) (1995)


Incredible remix of one of the best jungle tunes of all time. You really have to listen to both to realise it’s actually a remix. People bang on all the time about how Dillinja was on point at that time but f**king hell, he really was.

The b side to this is ‘Perfect Match’, another classic. What a stonking piece of vinyl.


TM Juke Ft. Rup – Wilderness Kids (2003)


When I started working on a certain website that reviewed music releases as part of it’s remit this was one of the first albums we were sent. A gem amongst the formulaic chart house I stuck it up without a thought and got free tickets to some Tru Thoughts gigs as well. Result, and then some.

Anyway, definitely the best flame haired Brighton based hip hop producer at the time, Al Cowan teamed up with local legend Rup (also known as Rup the C*nt and Rup the Cnut) to produce a slice of genius. All sorts of nature based rhyme devilry and some cheeky organs to boot. Surprisingly melancholic and a personal favourite.


KMD – Plumskinnz (Loose How God And Cupid) (1993)


Someone gave me this one on a tape of things they were into. Great tape, it was also my first introduction to the Pharcyde.

MF Doom was called Zev Love X at the time and was in this group with his brother who sadly passed away. The albums are well worth checking out. I’m sure Doom will be gracing these pages again before long.

http://www.discogs.com/KMD-Black-Bastards/master/63252 – Discogs has this as 2000 but that tape was from 95 or something.